Branding & T-Shirt Designs

01. Brief
Creative director and founder of Claw.
The initial concept of Claw began in 2019 as a creative direction project. I came up with a logo, designed t-shirts, conceptualized a campaign, executed the photoshoots, and social marketing. it was an intersection of all of my passions storytelling, spoken word, and design. 
Claw is a spoken word merch brand that promotes selfless love. Through the use of spoken word poetry claw talks about stigmatized topics such as toxic masculinity.
My approach for designing Claw was refined grunge. I found myself asking the question of how can I keep it simple yet intriguing. My focus was on creating designs that promote discussion. I wanted the conversations to be of greater significance than the design itself.
02. Logo Branding
The word Claw stands for choosing love always wins. I felt it was suitable for a brand that promotes selfless love. When creating a logo for a brand I start off with a word map. I write down the purpose of the brand and focus my design efforts on designing with intention. I chose this font because of its balance between rounded and pointed corners. The topics that Claw talks about are often poignant but revealed in a manner that is soft to listen to. I felt like this font reflected both of those characteristics. 

03. t-shirt designs
Logo Branding & Graphic Design
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