Vol.0 - "New Horizons" 
"New Horizons" is the introduction of claw and what it stands for. I wanted to explore the idea of a new horizon in tangent with new beginnings. the first marketing assets for claw encompassed visuals at the beach while our model enjoyed the sunset. ​​​​​​​
Vol.1 - "Toxic Masculinity" 
"Toxic Masculinity" focuses on highlighting the toxic traits associated with our perception of masculinity. my main goal was awareness. I wanted to present information about toxic masculinity so that my audience may become aware of the ways in which their perceptions of masculinity may be skewed. Creating a brand from the ground up was a huge undertaking. The project spanned over the course of a little more than a year and it refined my skills as both an art and creative director.
Founder and Creator of Claw.
The initial concept of Claw began in 2019 as a personal creative direction project. I came up with a logo, designed t-shirts, conceptualized a campaign, executed the photoshoots, and social marketing. It was an intersection of all of my passions storytelling, spoken word, and design. 
Claw is a spoken word merch brand that promotes selfless love. Through the use of spoken word poetry, Claw talks about stigmatized topics like toxic masculinity and mental illness. 
My objective for Claw was to make a brand that advocates for good. I see t-shirts as canvasses and my dream is for my designs to be able to start a discussion.
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