BuzzFeed MGFX templatizing for Adaptations

01. brief
While on the Adaptations Team at BuzzFeed, my team was tasked with templatizing essential motion graphic assets that could be used throughout BuzzFeed adaptations. 
One of our team's challenges was tailoring assets to better suit our editors. We wanted to reduce the time spent elevating videos without sacrificing quality and output. We accomplished this by creating MOGRTS in After Effects that could be seamlessly used through Premiere.
02. Cohesive Design
Working in tangent with our team leads we established a cohesive layout that would be recognizably BuzzFeed. Our team had a head start with some of the assets previously established but often inconsistent in sizing, color, and font. Templatizing our assets meant that our editors didn't have to second guess anything and would only need to plug and play. 
03. Building Assets
I spearheaded the creation of assets created in After Effects. I created animated titles, lower thirds, location tags, animated backgrounds, and animated overlay assets that elevated adaptation videos. To make our editors' process even more efficient I created mogrts formatted for Instagram and Facebook to easily plug and play regardless of their format.
04. Results
I had the opportunity to craft 50+ graphic templates, devise and deploy robust strategies to integrate BuzzFeed Originals across their social platforms. The efficiency of our output allowed our team to surpass our goals in viewer watch time, resulting in securing revenue of $25K/month. Templatizing our assets improved accessibility for over five teams, resulting in generating millions of dollars each quarter and increasing a weekly output by 125%.

You can see more of my work at BuzzFeed on my credit page, which has all the titles I had the opportunity to work on during my time there. 
Video Editing, Motion Design, & Art Direction
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